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In my community, there’s a wonderfully  subversive knitting group, The Triad Yarn Guild, that donates hand knit hats and scarves to the needy– or even just the chilly.  A  yarn shop, Gate City Yarns in downtown Greensboro, NC coordinates the effort by collecting donations from  local knitters. On Sunday mornings, volunteers spread out  to decorate playgrounds with hats and scarves or visit downtown parks to hand out  warmth and cheer.  Each scarf or hat comes with a tag that says, “Please take this if you are cold, or if you like it!”  This program of sharing warmth, called “Chase the Chill,” originated in Pennsylvania but has spread over the country.

What a wonderful, generous, and very practical idea– taking warm clothing directly to people who need it!  I used to donate scarves every year to the Urban Ministry, but that organization has stopped accepting clothing.  So I plan to donate to the Yarn Guild’s very next Chase the Chill event.  It’s at truly  heartwarming idea!

Lynne Alexander
Welcome to The Scarf Runner and my reflections on fiber, yarn, knitting, and scarves in particular! My name is Lynne Alexander, and for most of my life I’ve been involved in creative endeavors. For more than fifteen years I worked as a porcelain artist and showed my pieces up and down the East Coast. Although my grandmother taught me to knit and sew as a child, only in the last few years have I returned to knitting. However, I’ve always enjoyed fiber art of all sorts, and coming back to knitting is such a delight and pleasure. And I know my family also appreciates the change from porcelain to fiber—our doorknobs are no longer smeared with clay and glaze!
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