Hemingway had his movable feast, but I have a movable studio!  I can work anywhere–in cars, in airports, under shady trees, and, sometimes, in my studio.  All I need are my knitting needles, yarn, and a pattern in my head. After having been confined—usually happily–to my studio for years as a porcelain artist, the ability to work anywhere is very liberating.  Of course, I have a studio and an office, and I do use them.  But now that I’m free to work anywhere it pleases me, I knit wherever and whenever I can!

One of my favorite places to knit is sitting in an antique family chair that belonged to my great-grandmother’s grandmother. The chair is in our bedroom between Kendel’s bed and a window with a bird feeder, so I can keep an eye on the animals I love while I work–and vice-versa!  Clearly, the chair was designed for a lady who needed to spread her flowing skirts as she sat; it’s a prim and proper chair in which it’s difficult not to sit up straight. As I knit in this chair, I like to think about the generations of women in my family who sat here before me doing embroidery or sewing or knitting. My great-grandmother sometimes complained that her older sister had somehow claimed the matching rocking chair, but I am thrilled just to have this charming chair with all its ties to the past. As it’s a chair designed for a woman, it’s remarkably comfortable for knitting!

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