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Several weeks ago, in the midst of a torrential cold rain, we noticed a spring peeper clinging to one of our French doors with its tiny suction cup toes.  We were thrilled to see it– spring peepers are such elusive little amphibians and rarely make such appearances– but we held out little hope for it.  As the rain rapidly turned to sleet and snow, the spring peeper disappeared.  During a wet spring years ago, my husband took our son on a spring peeper hunt.  They slogged through muddy ponds and streams for hours and, although they heard hundreds of spring peepers, they never actually saw a single one. Spring peepers are tiny (only an inch and a half), definitely shy and rather magical.

Tonight, as I walked out onto our deck, the chorus of spring peepers was deafening– their own wild and dissonant rite of spring.   It seems impossible that such a tiny creature could create so huge a din, but the search for a mate clearly demands fortissimo. And their  chorus bursts with the joy of the evening, of spring, of life, of the coming rain.   The music is  electric, and, even for a short time, the listener can’t help but share the optimism of the peepers as they announce that it’s  spring– it’s really spring! And, unlike the groundhog, the spring peepers are never wrong!

Lynne Alexander
Welcome to The Scarf Runner and my reflections on fiber, yarn, knitting, and scarves in particular! My name is Lynne Alexander, and for most of my life I’ve been involved in creative endeavors. For more than fifteen years I worked as a porcelain artist and showed my pieces up and down the East Coast. Although my grandmother taught me to knit and sew as a child, only in the last few years have I returned to knitting. However, I’ve always enjoyed fiber art of all sorts, and coming back to knitting is such a delight and pleasure. And I know my family also appreciates the change from porcelain to fiber—our doorknobs are no longer smeared with clay and glaze!
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