In the Cu Chi Tunnels

What could fiber art possibly have to do with the Vietcong tunnel complexes scattered throughout South Vietnam?  The connections are quite astonishing—more on that later.  While traveling in [...]


Spring Peepers

Several weeks ago, in the midst of a torrential cold rain, we noticed a spring peeper clinging to one of our French doors with its tiny suction cup toes. We were thrilled to see it– spring [...]


Llama and Me

Two years ago, my husband and I spent time in Peru. The timing wasn’t good– just after the terrible flooding that had inundated valleys ( including the Valley of the Incas) destroyed crops and [...]


Yarn Bombing!

In my community, there’s a wonderfully subversive knitting group, The Triad Yarn Guild, that donates hand knit hats and scarves to the needy– or even just the chilly. A yarn shop, Gate City [...]



Welcome to The Scarf Runner and my reflections on fiber, yarn, knitting, and scarves in particular! Like those people who linger in bookstores for hours at a time, I cannot pass a yarn shop [...]